Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy Busy

It's certainly not like me to let blogging go like I have, it's been about 10 days.
Everyday I think about my little blog, but just couldn't get their to give it some attention.
Generally I ALWAYS make time as it's something I really enjoy doing. My reason for being so distant is a really good one, honestly. I have thrown my heart and soul this year into the Christmas retail season. I have one market booked each week between now and Christmas. I haven't been running my business long enough to have had this experience, and its been great.

Since my last blog entry I have been busily making cushions, cushions, cushions, oh, and Christmas Stockings. Not just for my online orders, but for the two markets I had last weekend. Modish Market and Mathilda's Market. The result, a great one, I had made more sales in a weekend than I have ever done. Remember I have no record so I have nothing to compare to, so this result has been thrilling.
Below my first lot of Christmas Stockings read to leave, all personalised with a special name.
You will notice a reindeer in there, a new addition to my shop.

Lots more cushions also ready to go.
My newest design "Sweet Dreams", another design being added to the collection.

I feel so much better after posting something today. It may be short, but it's really important to me. I just now have to find an hour to sit and read my favourite blogs to see what has been happening in their worlds.

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