Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Messy Routine

One of the biggest things in life I would just LOVE to achieve is being super dooper organised, and meticulously tidy.
I just can't escape it, my routine is

I do try very hard...
It's not through lack of effort...
Or not having the will to do so...
Does it have anything to do with having 2 kids under 3??
Should I stop using them as an excuse?
Who knows, maybe it's just time to accept it's just me.
The funny thing is, although I have a very messy and unstructured routine,
I still manage to somehow get it all done.
I email with the baby on my knee,
I sketch on the floor during outside play time,
I utilise the jolly jumper so I can cook in peace,
I try to wash fold and organise all at once when it's nap time ,
I post on facebook and check my online stores inbetween everything else,
I blog when it fits in,
and it just goes on and on.
The bulk of my online existence is at night.
They say "give something to a busy person and you will get it done".
My dad has always said that about me, maybe there is some truth involved.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way, I love to be busy and struggle with sitting still. Hubby always says, "Just relax it's like you have ants in your pants!!"
I just wish that everything in my life wasn't such a rush like I'm in a whirlwind.
Maybe I reading to many magazines on super women with there several children, perfect houses, and successful businesses. Is is all a facade? MMMM I sometimes wonder.
A final thought......
How lucky are women today to have the opportunities to have it all.
The world is our oyster ladies, lets go for it!!!


Lulu froufrou said...

I'm the same - I thrive with the chaos :) cant relax and always looking for the next thing to do. Don't think I would have it any other way either.

Adalita said...

I am a true multi-tasker. I have to be doing more than one thing to be productive! My partner hates it as it looks like I've left in the middle of doing things. The truth is I found something else important to while I wait!

Piccadilly Market said...

I don t think we are abnormal, so many people like us around. We are the doers. I must say I do get frustrated when other people cant get simple things done and I can multi task a zillion things. I too have an untidy home, I try and try and fail and fail. I do surprisingly have an organized mind and manage to pull everything off.