Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bye Bye Dummy

I may or may not shock some mums here with my opinion of the
Now please, I have no objections with other children with dummies.
When I see other kids with them I don't even think twice, it's not my business.
I think as a baby they're fine and serve their purpose, soothing and very comforting.
Charlotte uses one for sleeping only, even then she is not a fan of it and constantly spits it out. Hudson has had a completely different love affair with his.
So about the dummy, what can I say I can't stand them, and here are my personal reasons.
#1 He is 2.5yrs wants to suck on it all day. Although lately he had it only for sleeping he would whinge about it constantly.
#2 I think he looks too big for it.
#3 I cant stand the drool on his chin from it.
#3 He drops it, he cries as it's dirty, I am over cleaning it.
#4 I am so over replacing it, when he loses it.
#5 He tries to talk to me and I cant understand a damn word he says, which is hard
as his words are still very new and are developing.
#6 He was developing a funny rash around his mouth, which we new was because of lack of fresh air.
He loves it so much we had to take a photo of it at my mum's 60th.

Anyway now that I have had my whinge, I am happy to announce,
My parents baby sat him last Saturday night. When I got home & kissed him goodnight I asked them where it was. Immediately mum said, "oops sorry I forgot to give it to him".
So I took the opportunity of not putting it on his pillow, knowing potentially he would wake crying and looking for it.
Well he woke the next morning not asking for it, and that night asked for it once.
We used the art of distraction, made a big deal of reading a new book of his and he forgot all about it. We have taken the same approach each night, and last night there wasn't a mention of it.
Does this mean it's gone forever?
I have been advised it could all come back to him and he may remember.
Fingers crossed xx


another donkey design by kate said...

Congrats! I know we will have to face this in the not to distant future and can't say i am looking forward to it so it is great to read so far so good with you guys!

JANE said...

Hang in there, Kylie! You're doing fine. I think it's unlikely he'll remember. Just hide or throw them all away so there are no reminders and just keep doing what you're doing. Wise girl - I totally agree about the speech aspect.

Joshie had his for sleep only until he was 2, mainly because we were too chicken to stop using it. After two days, he'd forgotten about it. India refused one from the start. Sam still has his for sleeping but I think we could (and maybe should, now I think of it) stop soon. They're all such individuals, aren't they?! J x