Friday, September 30, 2011

Miss Charlotte loves Miss Ruby May

Charlotte has a doll from the gorgeous collection Miss Ruby May.
I absolutely ADORE these dolls & very protective of it being chewed, drooled on, or squished. To date I have been a mean mum & not let Miss Charlotte have it in fear of it being ruined. Yes I know 'precious'. Lately, every time I change her nappy she makes this noise, which I know means "I want the doll", as she can see it sitting on her shelf. So we pick it up, she kisses her, I kiss her & she goes back on the shelf. Until the other morning after our shared kisses she was not going to let me put it back. There was a gentle tug of war & then I gave in. She ran to the couch & shared a moment.

My Miss Ruby May Doll. Back off mum!!!!!

The look of love.

The act of love, admiration & affection.

Charlotte is so much more girly than I thought she would be. I honestly thought she would end up being a little rougher having a big brother. She never shows real interest in Hudson's cars & trucks, but if you pull out a doll a whole world of nurturing happens. Hugging, kissing, combing the hair, & feeding them.

It's very cute & I love it.


Jane from Lil Pip said...

Oh Kylie that is just sooooo precious.

My Miss Amelia is much the same. I thought she would be a tom boy with the influence of her big brother. She certianly can stand up for herself but is more at home playing with her babies. Just gorgeous!

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Oh and how's the sleeping going - her not you!!