Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday love....Reading

Reading is a huge passion of mine & something I don't get to do as much as I would like to these days. I love it so much that I have created a spare room at home dedicated purely for the collection of my books.
You read about this here & here.
Nothing warms me more than having my books around me. Some are heavy in depth stories, some are light with fresh story lines, some are educational as I love to read bios and business related books, some are crafty, and a lot are arty. I love beautiful photos of objects and people.

The room still isn't complete, I would say a work in progress. But today I wanted to share some images I found that are about this love.

I just ADORE this print. I have actually bought it from this store. I am looking forward to receiving it & sharing with you all as to where I hang it.

This beautiful photo is how I would love to spend some of my days. I would imagine the air is warm, the grass is soft, the flowers smell divine & that book is a fantastic read.
image from pinterest.

This is what I wish my kids would understand!
image from pinterest.

Another fantastic illustration that I love.
image from pinterest.

I am reading this now. It's a daggy cover I know, but it is full of information regarding direct sales & party plan, especially relevant for my other business. Even if this isn't you thing it's a great read for sales in general and has definitely given me ideas & so forth for when I do markets.

I hope whatever you're reading inspires you.

Have a great Friday.
Kylie xx

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