Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Etsy Buy

I had been eyeing off this tee for a while now.
I can't actually remember where I saw it on Etsy, I think these guys had a feature story on their business, Dark Cycle Clothing. Anyway I hearted their business so I wouldn't forget them & could go back & buy this gorgeous tee shirt. It's just so cute, I love the story Alice in Wonderland so I thought the tee fits, haha.

I bought this one for hubby, he has a thing for all things tigers, because that's his Chinese New Year sign.

Please check out their shop if you're looking for something quite unique, I love their animals they design riding bicycles, very cool. There are also some for the kiddies.

Now I just have to sit & wait for the parcel.


Anonymous said...

Your tee is very cute and the colour :)

A Country Wife said...

Oh what a cute tee! I love the colour! Thank you for sharing, I'm off to take a look at their shop :)