Monday, February 21, 2011

New Product - Door Stops

I have been working on these new products for my shop for a few weeks now.

Door Stops.

The idea struck me months ago, as with summer upon us, my evaporative cooling was working overtime. To use the cooling system properly all doors and windows must be open, which in turn causes lots of doors slamming. Not good when you have little kids, and secondly not good for the heart, as it scares the hell out of you. For ages I had been wedging thongs under the doors, and thought how terrible it looked.

That's when I had that 'light bulb moment'.
I though if I can make cushions, surely I can create a doorstop??
A good looking one at least??

So the trial and error began.
This can be a very frustrating yet rewarding process. It took me several turns to create the right shape. I did lots animal shapes but the rice didn't push the points out perfectly. I wanted them to be a generous size, but to fill them would cost too much to post. They all weigh around the 1.8kg mark when full. So I decided to sell them empty and close them with velcro, no good rice fell out, and velcro eventually doesn't stick. So I had to perfect putting in the zip at the bottom.

Eventually they have all come together.
I will be able to make these and let 'you', fill them, and it's a far more economic way to post.
Flat & cheap.
They aren't listed in my shop yet but will be available in the next day, I am just cleaning up all of the photo's, but was so excited about them I wanted to share my first pictures. Also I am finalising the packaging.
I have started with 4 designs which you can see, and hopefully I can expand.
I will be offering them this Sunday at Mathilda's market which I am very excited about.
I would love to know what you think.


Maisy Dee said...

Great work Kylie... They look great!! I think we will need two of them soon :)
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday x

Natasha Burns said...

They are awesome Kylie!!!!

Anonymous said...

The simplest ideas are always the most amazing ones....I love these!!

Chantal said...

Gorgeous! Love the owl : )