Friday, February 11, 2011

The name behind my business

I thought I would tell you why I called my business name,

It's a name that is extremely close to my heart, and a name that I still hear frequently.
They are nicknames given to me, by both of my parents.

Tiges - A nickname from my dad.
A name that has been shortened from Tiger I assume, I guess dad got lazy and couldn't be bothered saying it. Dad has called me that for as long as I remember, I actually hear it a lot more than I hear Kylie.

Weince - A nickname from my mum.
Pronounced weence, I didn't like that spelling hence the Weince.
Mum has given me that name from when I was a baby. The name is derived from incy wincy, as in tiny. She honestly believed that when I was born I was weincy tiny, however I don't think 9 pounds is small at all.

I love how you are born with a Christian name, and then somehow whether it be your physicality, a cheeky grin, the colour of your hair, a sound you make, can give you a whole new name, completely unintentionally. I love how that name can stick for life, and feels so real, you answer to it naturally as if it was on your birth certificate. It's so personal too, in some cases only certain people are allowed to address you that way. Then there is the flip side, you could absolutely detest it, and no matter how you object it's stuck.

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