Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zoo Illustration

I know all creative types go through this.
It's an awful feeling knowing that you want to get something on paper but just not sure what. I jot down many ideas, but when I create it's all about emotion. What excites me. What make me have that light bulb moment. What colours I love today & how I can incorporate them.
Not a very in depth system I know, but it's working so far, so why change it.
A while back I drew some Zoo animals. I love the Zoo, one of my favourite escapes.
I decided to give them new life in the form of a cushion, surprise!

Step 1 - A new colour palette of course.
Step 2 - What colour backing will this revived design have?
Step 3 - My animals. My favourites of course.
Step 4 - The final design & creating the cushion.
Well I am not that far ahead yet, so you will just have to wait to see the final result.

1 comment:

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Orange Gingham! I am going through a bit of a gingham stage at the moment!