Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yikes......When did I become intolerant to wine?

Last night I had a neighbour catch up. This was a first for me at doing anything as such. I live in a new estate in Melbourne, so obviously neighbour relationships are still very fresh. The few that I see I chat with, and wave to regularly, and they also do the same with each other. We decided to have a catch up together, I offered to have our first 'group' nibbles and wine night, mainly because I have kids and then I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

I was great being in a group, I was having a ball, chatting, drinking, eating, drinking, laughing, drinking, seeing a pattern???? It wasn't that I was drunk by any means, as I couldn't bear the consequences of doing that anymore. I think I had 4 glasses of wine within the span of 4-5 hrs.
Not a lot right?

Why is it wine goes straight to my head, actually, it flies to me head? Years ago, pre children I would be out with friends, and drink wine for hours and it never really bothered me. Since I have had kids it's a whole new story. I very rarely drink wine now, is that the problem? Have I become completely intolerant of it? It's just so lovely going down, especially when you find something you quite enjoy, especially in good company. is very frustrating.
Do I surrender and hang up the wine glass?

I just feel so shady today, it's such a bad feeling. I am fine, I am finishing cushion orders, doing some washing, and my general Sunday tidy up around the house, but I just don't feel right.
I am just wondering is it worth it anymore? Not the fun, the few enjoyable glasses of wine?
Is this just me?

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