Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A new & exciting chapter in my life

The last few days have been a complete blur. I made a BIG decision a fortnight ago to sell my other business Quirky and Quaint.

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I have been very fortunate to have created a business that was good enough to sell, & it was a great feeling just knowing that someone else believes in it as much as I do.

The last 2 years have been a completely whirl wind of work, & complete and utter busyness. Between Tiges and Weince growing bit by bit, & Quirky and Quaint snowballing into 10 girls selling the brand & product all over Australia, it was just becoming too much. As you know I have 2 kiddies at home, & they need my attention so much. From a career perspective, I was also feeling that I wasn't being able to completely give myself to what I love, digital illustration & surface design, 150 per cent.

Fortunately for me an unexpected buyer came along, who has a really popular online home wares business called Belle and Elle. Jodie who runs it has loads of sales, product, & management experience, which is just brilliant!! Also, she has been a stockist of Tiges and Weince, so we have already a business relationship. I honestly couldn't be more excited & thrilled, for two reason. The first that I can focus on my nagging dreams that I have expressed here before, & also that Jodie is a perfect buyer. She will make the brand bigger & better, which is what I want for the girls who took a chance on me when they signed up as Quirky and Quaint consultants.

So within the next month there will be lots of work to hand over & making sure everything is in 100% working order for Jodie. While this is in progress, there will be lots of dreaming for me to do, fine tuning the plans, & the dreams that I have, with so much excitement knowing that I will have the time to explore and chase them. I will be able to direct some goals, & finally get those "to do" jobs crossed off my list.  It makes my heart race just thinking about them.

I just am so excited about my future :)

Have a great day,

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meljsim said...

Congratulations Kylie, that is huge news! It certainly is a huge step, but I love that you have 'found' some more time and freedom in the near future. Potential is such a marvelous thing! Can't wait to see what's next :-)