Thursday, April 25, 2013

How do you look at yourself?

I stumbled across this yesterday & it really brought a tear to my eye, & I felt a little swelled up a bit, even a little disappointed in myself that this is what I do to myself.

It's so easy to say we shouldn't feel so critical of ourselves, we should love ourselves, & enjoy the skin we're in. I know as I am getting older I am becoming more accepting of my flaws, it doesn't mean that I love them, I am just tired of thinking about them. I have also noticed just like this video, I too am guilty of perceiving myself worse than I can assume I am. It's incredible how we are perceived so differently. When we are told that something is lovely we find it hard to accept. 

This exact thing happened to me last Saturday at Hudson's Auskick. One of the lovely fellow kinder mums & I were talking skin care. She then went on say I was genetically blessed with my skin & straight teeth, & what skin care do I use. The teeth think I am fine with as I know that. But the skin!! Genetically blessed!! I know that I am very regimented with my skincare routine, but I am constantly find something that's not smooth. Mind you I dream of Cate Blanchett's & Nicole Kidman's flawless complexions. Why did I find it so hard to say thank you?

After watching this clip I really wanted to be one of the subject being sketched, so I could REALLY see how I was perceived. Would I be happy? Would I be relieved? I am not really sure, but I honestly wish I could say that I didn't care what the sketch looked like as I was so comfortable already.

Please don't think I am completely down on myself, I am not by any means, I enjoy my life & I know I have strengths & things to offer, but the above I find myself a little guilty of. Just like so many other women I'm sure. If anything I have really learnt something from watching this, & I know it made an impact due to how I felt when watching it, & I think thats a positive step in the right direction.

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