Monday, April 22, 2013

Planning ahead...

The month of May is the most wonderful month of the year for me, & always demands preparation in advance. Both of the kids birthday's are in May, the 12th & 21st,  & then there is also mother's day. I love it & get so excited just thinking about it.

I love to give the kids a birthday party. I just can't help myself. This year only Hudson is having one with his lovely circle of friends. His friends come from my mother's group, friends from kinder, & of course my dearest friends children.

Charlotte, bless her, is still to find some of her own friends, as being the 2nd child she has kind of attached herself to Hudson's group. Which is just adorable, but one day it will be lovely for her to choose some of he own. I am sure when she starts kinder next year, this will all happen very naturally.

This year Hudson has decided he would like a Superhero party. That request was no surprise to me at all, he is completely obsessed with superheroes. I want to keep it simple this year, I am not creating the candy buffet, it's just far to stressful for me. It will be more basic, with good food, company, & the invitation of one very special guest.

The kids will have an hour and a half with him & he will be the focal point of the whole party. Spidey will play games, make balloon animals, pain faces, dance & play a few other games. I honestly can't wait. For a change except for food, & some decorations, it's pretty much done & dusted.

From a work perspective I have a few more prints I am working on for a couple of limited edition mothers day items. Stay tuned for those, I will give you a little hint, they keep you warm!!

Mother's day, 12th May, will be a beautiful day in my home. Not only will it be mother's day, but will also be Hudson's actually birthday. It will be a day of immediate family, mother's and grand mothers, aunts & uncle's. I want to something special, like a gorgeous afternoon tea & light lunch. So we can sit relax, enjoy some cake, laugh & chat. It would be so dreamy if we could have setting like this.

Perfect afternoon tea for mothers day

Finally I have my baby girl's birthday. Geez time has flown, I can't believe she is turning 3. I am not sure what we will do to celebrate, maybe a zoo visit as she is an animal lover. But it will be a lovely quiet event with immediate family. I know that I want it to be special, and completed with a rainbow cake. She is obsessed with looking for rainbows in the sky, so I thought I would give her one. I would like to try & create a version of one of these which have been created over & over, so one would assume I could do it?

I still can't believe we are heading int May, but boy I can't wait.

I know everyone has months like these, which one is a bsy one for you?

Have a lovely week.

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