Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Course Update & Initial Concepts

I have been working hard over the weekend, in between Easter activities, as seeing that I didn't have Internet connection, it gave me some time to work on a new print concept. I am doing a short course which I mentioned here. Over the last 3 weeks it's all been about finding my style & influences, it's been a fabulous eye opening experience. I have such an obvious style, from my clothes, the kids clothes, pinterest boards I have created, it's all so similar to what my eye is drawn to.

We are up to a really fun part now, the part that I LOVE most.
Story Boards - Colour Palette  - Design Concepts

The biggest influence at the moment in my house are Rainbows. Both of my kids love these. I am continuously inundated with questions about them, from where does it begin and end? Can they touch them? Why are they the same colours? What are they made of? Why cant they see them all the time? The list goes on!

My Story Board & Colour Inspiration

Some Sketching

A Initial Print Concept

I am really enjoying this process & feel like its all coming together nicely.


Margaret said...

Gorgeous rainbow pattern :D

Christina said...

I love your Rainbow design & so does my little girl :-)