Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A kind of sad day

Today is a kind of sad day for me, I guess it's a kind of sad day for any mother who has felt what I have today.

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My baby girl turns 3 next month, she is growing up with so much cheekiness, personality, beauty & tenderness. She has been toilet trained for a while now, however a night I have been leaving her nappy on for the obvious reasons. However, touch wood, she has not been wetting them for over a month now. Don't get me wrong she has had an accident, only because early into toilet training I forgot to put one on one night. But otherwise she has been dry.

Last night was her final "nappy in the box", I decided that when the box was finished, so would her night nappy. This morning she woke up dry, YAY! But a sudden feeling of a 'happy sadness'  hit me. She is growing up, my baby, my last bub, is becoming a big girl. My son has been through this but weirdly I didn't feel this way, probably I was so consumed with caring for 2 very small children, I didn't have time to feel this.

She was so happy when I told her no more nappies at night, you're a big girl, I felt guilty for feeling crappy myself. The sparkle in her eyes about this milestone should have really outweighed my self absorbed low feelings.

Photo by Kylie Loy on Flickr

I am sure what I have felt is very normal, I am positive there will be other milestones she has achieved  where I will feel the same, but I just had to share this one with you.

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