Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick Family Meals

I have been lacking inspiration for all cooking lately, mainly due to the fact my kids are not the easiest to feed. I to be honest have just given up!! I am struggling with the same boring flavours, & I feel like I have lost my groove. LITERALLY!! After many discussions with friends, & my constant complaints, they have all advised I should cook what I like & the kids should just deal with it. If they haven't eaten it within 20 minutes or so, take it away & that's it. Seems harsh to be honest, but I need to try something. Obviously what I cook has to be within reason, & I need to make sure there isn't anything in it that they admit to disliking, or obviously not too hot & spicy.

This is what we are having here tonight. The ingredient in this are giving me hope, there isn't anything really they don't like in here.


Delicious Moroccan honey Chicken image via taste

The ingredients seem relatively simple.
1tbs honey
1tbs warm water
1 tbs Moroccan spice mix
Chicken breast fillets
1 cup cous ous
1 coup boiling water
1/4 slivered almonds
2tbs roasted pine nuts
1/2 diced dried apricots
Coriander leaves to serve.

You can read the instructions for cooking via taste.

I am actually looking forward to seeing how they react.

If you have any recipes that are super kids friendly, I would love to hear about them.

Wish me luck!!

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Bel said...

Did they eat it?