Monday, April 1, 2013

A Lovely Easter Break

It's so lovely to be back in the blog world, I haven't had Internet connection for about a week, it's driven me crazy. The positive is I got some extra spare time to hang out with my kids & husband over the Easter break, & I would love to share them.

Here are some family snaps from the last couple of days.

On Good Friday we ventured out to the annual Good Friday appeal, which is completely dedicated to raising funds for Melbourne's Royal Children's hospital. The whole day is based on gold coin donations where 100% of funds go directly to the hospital.

Charlotte & I.  Charlotte hugging the Easter Bunny.  Charlotte with her face painted as a fairy.

Hudson with Captain America & Batman. Hudson is a formula 1 car.  Hudson with some Star Wars Troopers.

A giant teapot ride, which had spinning cups & saucers. Flower fairies that walked everywhere on stilts. I am so in love with the patterns & colours on the petals.

Easter Sunday morning after the egg hunt. That Easter Bunny sure did leave some lovely treats.

We didn't spend Easter Sunday with the rest of my family this year. Hubby's family came over Good Friday later in the afternoon & my parents are in Sydney. So we thought we would have another family outing to Puffing Billy. A beautiful old steam train that travels up in the mountains, towards the east of Melbourne. I hadn't been there for years, I was actually there last in primary school. It was cold & rainy, but so beautiful. The train ride was just over an hour one way, & very slow all the way up a hill which looked on to thick rain forest type land. It was never ending green. The kids were allowed to sit on the window ledge, & let their legs dangle outside. Hudson & Charlotte both did it, although I was freaking out the whole time. I had hold of them both probably way too tight. Seeing the steam coming out of the train was so lovely, & all of the men who drive the train are in old style uniforms. It was such a great day I highly recommend it for any age.

The break is over, & life returns to normal tomorrow. Back to work for us all. The kids are on holidays from kinder, so it will be a tough slog getting any work done around them. But that's OK, I'll work something out.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter too.

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