Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day at the farm

Yesterday I headed out to the Collingwood children's farm with my lovely girlfriends from my mothers group, & their kids. I don't see them as much as I would like too, but when the 4 of us are together its hectic, yet great. To be honest I look forward to our dinners out more now!

The sun was shining & it was a beautiful sunny Autumn day, & all of the animals were relatively active, which made for excited children running around like chooks themselves.

I have to admit it's not Hudsons favourite place to be. He is not an animal lover. He respects them & keeps a fairly healthy distance between himself & them. That's fine, as I am a bit the same. The unpredictability of animals has always made me a little nervous. Where as my other one, well, Miss Charlotte I think is like a mini animal whisperer. No fear whatsoever, & the animals are always drawn to her, it freaks me out sometimes. She has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone a few times as I have had to accompany her to pat animals, & hold the reins of ponies so she can have rides, and pull her away from getting far too close at times. She has tanty's when we have to move on, oh boy the joys of an animal lover.

I wanted to share a couple of photo's of the new friends she made on the day.

Yep Hudson is no where to be seen, instead he was climbing trees.

Such beautiful, but such very different children's I have & I love it.

If you're from Melbourne, I hope you're enjoying the school holidays as much as I have. It's been a fabulous week & a half, I can't believe they are nearly over. I am off to the movies today to see The Croods with them, as well as their cousins, & I actually can't wait.

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