Thursday, March 3, 2011

Caring for your cushion

I thought I would answer a questions I get asked constantly.

I think it's a very fair question.

I don't make cushion covers, my cushions are all hand stuffed, and very neatly I hand stitch them closed. I do not recommend you putting them in the washing machine, because you can't control how much it is thrashed around inside it. It can, & will possibly distort the shape of your cushion that I work very hard on, making it look perfect for you. The fluff inside them isn't one piece, like a cushion insert, but lots of little pieces hence them having the ability to move around. It's a bad look one end of the cushion being fatter than the other, I have tested it myself. Even worse it may look lumpy.

This is why I recommend strictly spot washing with a clean cloth and cold water, rubbing over soiled area gently. To help keep your cushion clean & prevent it becoming dirty or stained, I use a sealant shield spray on the printed side of the cushion. This helps to repel any dust, liquid, or moisture, that may accidentally be spilled.

I do like to remind everyone the pieces of artwork I create, are for decorative purposes.

I hope this has answered all of those questions you may have & help you in the decision process of purchasing my cushions.

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planettreasures said...

Spraying on the inside of the cushion is a great idea and I guess we could also scotchguard the outside too.

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