Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two New Personalised Designs

I have just completed two new personalised designs, Monster Mash for the boys, and Apple Pop for the girls.

I am still getting used to how popular this personalised industry is. I have thought about why it's like this and here is what I think.
The world has become such a depersonalised space, and I think as people we all crave for attention in some way or another. It's a competitive place and lets be honest we need to stand out to be noticed. Being an individual has become very important, as no body wants to be considered a 'copy cat'. I think to have your world created just how you would like it is comforting, and knowing that 'your name' is on this and that, and no body can be take it from you. That's my perception, what's your thought?

Monster Mash Perfect for boys, lots of funny monsters, each one with a different expression.
A colour palette of chocolate brown, lime green, orange, white and aqua.

Apple Pop Perfect for girls, apples, lady birds, lolly pop trees, and flowers.
A strong colour palette of pink, raspberry red, white and aqua.


Emma said...

Love them both (especially the boys one - cool!) Saw a few of your cushions featured in Little One mag, go you :)

Belinda - Nest Design Studio said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the new designs