Monday, March 21, 2011

Colour Me Yellow

Yellow is one of the happiest colours around.
It oozes summer and spring, happiness and smiley faces.

It's also one of the 3 very important primary colours.

I wanted to highlight it today as I think it's a colour we don't see enough of, mainly I believe is because it's particularly bright. It's definitely a colour of accent, a little bit goes a long way, you know a great highlight piece. It's very unlikely you would see somebody dressed head to toe in yellow, or even a whole room painted in it. I am certainly not saying that is absolute, but generally speaking.

Did you know there are different shades of yellow?
I have done this, as unless you are very accustomed to colour, it's sometimes not obvious to see other base colours coming through. Have you ever heard someone say, gee that yellow looks green? Well that is because the shade has a green base.
I have given a few samples of different shades of yellow.
Below are some fabulous yellow highlight pieces found on etsy that I am positive will brighten your happy place.

What are your opinions on the colour yellow?


another donkey design by kate said...

I love yellow and grey combinations - happy but classy!!!
Great yellow colour chart too

Anonymous said...

I have a niece named Sunshine and yellow always reminds me of her :)
It is a lovely colour and I love the shades you have shown here.

Lizeylou said...

I have been having a "thing" for yellow too. Am thinking about painting one of the chairs at my dining table yellow (they are all white at the moment) Think it would be fun. I love yellow!