Monday, March 21, 2011

747, 748, 749, 750 bookmarks

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from a lady enquiring about purchasing some bookmarks for the library she worked at. I gave her all of my design images to select from.

Usually when I have a wholesale order for bookmarks it varies from 50-200.

In this case I got the shock of my life she required 750 of them. As much as I was happy to receive the order I did think, 'oh boy what a lot of work ahead of me'.

So the long process began, mind you I did get a lot of help from my husband and sister in-law. It's amazing what you can get done over a kitchen table, and a few glasses of wine hehe!
As part of the bookmaking process I have 4 bookmark designs per 1 sheet of card. As you can imagine there was a whole lot of printing going on.
Once printed I laminate all of them for protection. The inside is always left unlaminated to write your name, even add a special message for someone else. They are always popular inside a birthday card as a little something extra. Then I meticulously cute each one with a guillotine to ensure straight lines.
Once done they are folded perfectly in half and magnets are attached, so they snap closed securely. You don't want them falling out of your book, diary or journal!
Ahhhh, all done and piled into a carry bag ready for one of those tough bags from the post office. This order weighed a whopping 6kg!

I am so happy that there will be potential customers buying them, to put in their favourite books. I would also, should I receive an order of such quantity again, probably outsource some parts of it. It truly was quite back breaking!

You can see all of my magnetic bookmarks here.
If you like what you see remember to take advantage of the buy 4 bookmark receive 1 free offer that is permanently in my shop.


Shan said...

WOW!!! that's an insane amount of work, but how satisfying to have it done and posted off... they all look so gorgeous x

Anonymous said...

Good on you, what a weight off the shoulders