Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy Bust Busy

When I become very busy my poor blog gets a little left behind.

Like everyone's business, well I am assuming this anyway, their business has peaks and trofs.
Well this last week has been a peak. Yay, I am not complaining by any means. I had a large opening order from a brand new stockist, lots of new orders from my awesome existing stockists, and then my own trickle of order from my own sites.

Phew.....Many hours later, printing, making, wrapping, labelling all ready for the post, this was the result. Two boxes one you can't see very well on the left under everything, and my good ol' empty nappy box that have come in very handy, and lots of lovely envelopes.

Now I am breathing a bit now, time to start on the next bunch of orders, and fingers crossed I can start squeezing in some time to start developing some new designs.

Does you business operate like this?
Peaks and trofs?

1 comment:

Vik said...

How on earth do you keep up with it all supermummy??