Monday, March 21, 2011

A Painting of Tinkerbell

I love Tinkerbell, I have always loved that gorgeous little fairy, she has such a pretty face.

She is such a lovely character, considerate, yet always a bit of a magnet to trouble. I think when you have a son, you are generally consumed with boy characters, like "Lightning McQueen" "Rory the Racing Car", "Buzz Light Years", and lately "Astro Boy". You somehow lose the focus on the girly ones.

When I had Charlotte, I was so excited hoping that in time she would learn to love the magic of Tinkerbell, and we will happily sit together and watch her movies. Mind you, I have slowly gotten Hudson interested in them & he does enjoy them. Why wouldn't he? There is lots of magic, flying & of course boy fairies, but there is definitely no passion.

Last November when I christened Charlotte, I received a painting from my sister in-law.
It was Tinkerbelle, painted in all her beauty by my sister in-law herself.
I was thrilled when I got it, & was absolutely in awe that she was this talented at painting. She is very good at flowers, but I had no idea of her other capabilities. All of the black threw me a bit at first, but I am definitely in love with it now. I really just wanted to share it with you today, and I hope you like it to.

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Anonymous said...

Your sister in law is definitely talented...I love the painting.
I did some custome bunting and tissue pom poms with a tinkerbell theme for a friend's daughters first should of seen the other decorations...they were absolutely AMAZING and took you right into the heart of Never never land :)