Friday, March 25, 2011

Mothers Day - Put your child's art on a cushion

I am doing a lovely and original gift idea for mother's day, May 8th 2011.

Getting your little Picasso's drawing, on to my cushions, so you have a special and original piece of decor for your special space.
For those who are still a little young to be illustrating, printing hands or feet are definitely another gorgeous option.

Here are two beautiful examples, that will certainly be treasured.

As you can see this isn't only for mum, but also a perfect gift for Nana or grandma.

It’s really easy, all you have to do is scan the image of the artwork email to me tigesandweince(at)

Please images MUST NOT exceed the size of an A4 piece of paper. If you don't have a scanner let me know. If you would like text, and it's not compulsory, it should not exceed 8 words.

There are 3 colour options for the back of the cushion, & the text will match that. Green polka dot, aqua stripe, Hot Pink polka dot

I know most of us women do the gift shopping, and generally most men won't be reading this blog. So if you like this idea and think someone will love it, why don't you let them know and help organise it for them. Do some shopping on somebody else's behalf, so their mum gets the surprise of their life!

Cut off date for orders to ensure delivery is 27th April 2011 (mothers day 8/5).

You can find these cushions for purchase on my etsy and madeit stores.

Have fun getting those crayons, pencils, and paint out!!

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ShoppeGirls said...

Love love this idea. Will just have to share on my blog.
Vicki x