Monday, July 21, 2014

Yikes......Father's Day is sneaking up

Where is this year going? It seems to be just flying by way too fast. It's only dawned on me that Father's day is relative close (in Australia is on September 7th). I never forget this day, but I always have those feelings of "oh my gosh" when it's just around the corner. This usually means as it's fast & busy period for me from a working perspective.

From a personal perspective I love Father's day because not only to I have my own special day with my dad, but my kids go nuts for it. They love spoiling their dad. I love the handmade cards that are created by the kids. This year will be Charlotte's first official Father's day event, & my husband will have an evening with her at kinder. Hudson will have his first chance to buy his own gift at his school stall for his dad, & I look forward to seeing what he brings home.

The other positive about Father's day is that Winter will be officially over by then, & spring is in the air which means summer will be coming. Excitement!

Back to Fathers Day...... From a retail perspective that is a window of about 6 weeks, actually maybe less. I have been very good this year & working well in advance, so I pretty much have my new fathers day products ready to share with the world. Besides a few little tweaks here & there it's ready to go.

I have added 2 new products into the father's day mix this year. Personalised tea towels & aprons. I always find the creation of Father's day gifts a little more challenging, as men seem to prefer practical gifts. Gifts that are simple & useful. Creating for grandfather's is a different ball game, as they are wanting personalised gifts from their grand kids, anything that connects that loving bond is treasured & loved forever. I write this with my own experiences, I know my dad has always has such a smile on his face when my kids have created something for him. It really is such a beautiful thing to see. I will also have my heat bags, as they not only smell divine but top of the list for practicality.

I will be officially announcing when the collection is ready for release in my next newsletter, which you can sign up for on the right hand side of this page. Did you know as a subscriber you're now able to receive 15% off your first order!

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