Sunday, July 20, 2014

Words to Inspire - Creative Intelligence

I adore quotes, especially ones that trigger feelings & emotions. The below from Albert Einstein is definitely one that did just this. I am also a huge believe that sometimes these find you just when you need them, it's such a magical feeling when you're busy being busy & then you read something & it's like....Oh yeah!

Lately I feel like I have been so busy with being busy, my work was beginning to feel like a chore, you know the blah feeling? No love is lost, I adore what I do, but I haven't been bouncing of the walls with endless inspiration either. I'm only human & I go through high peaks & dips of inspiration.

Then this quote found me, on pinterest of course! I had that aha moment, & found myself nodding. Yep. Yes. Yay. It completely redefined how I was thinking with the"chore" mindset, that had been floating around in my head.

When I'm busy drawing, printing, writing, packing & shipping, I am now thinking about these task so differently. Creative is intelligence having fun. We are all so intelligent & unique, & we should be creating as much fun as we can with it. OK the packing & shipping may not be considered creative, but I can make it more creative by thinking about the creativity work being sent away to someone very special.

The biggest lesson from these words are the reminders that I am very fortunate that I get to use my creativity, combined with intelligence to do the job I love.

How did you interpret this message?

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