Thursday, July 3, 2014

How I put together my product collections - Step 3

This could be the one design you have created and fallen in love with. It could be the most amazing illustration you have created, or an unbelievable piece of jewellery you have made. It could be that amazing image you have found that has sparked a tonne of ideas. It could have been the breath taking colour palette you spotted while flicking through a magazine, or on a butterfly you saw while visiting the zoo. This is the piece that is used as you "main attraction", you could call it. Regardless you just know you're selling this piece, and building a whole collection around it..

It's the focal point of your whole collection.  For me it's almost like the back bone of where a great collection starts.

The main focus of all my work are my illustrations, which always end up on a cushion. My business really started there. When I started selling my illustrations as prints and not much was happening sales wise, I then popped them onto a cushion and BAM,  I started receiving more orders than I ever dreamed of and it snow balled from there. This was when I knew I could start developing my own collection, of decor items.

Once I have decided what direction I am going as I have taken inspiration from my mood board, and I know what fabric I am using, I know what path I am on and my hero piece is established. An example of one of my hero pieces is the 'Summer Garden' design (above), that I created a couple of years ago. Which I just have to add still sells over and over :)

Once I have this established, it's time to create other pieces around that hero piece to compliment it. In my case, I have a cushion, coordinating print, doorstop, clock, bunting. You can see them in all of my items below. The are completely different products, all have the same design base (hero piece), but are developed a little differently with each product.

It is really important that you create products that compliment, and are not necessarily are repeated. To have the same design over and over again but in a different shapes, could potentially look over done. Each one of my pieces above are certainly all very similar, but each have been tweaked enough so they can be created on another item.

Obviously this will differ for everyone, especially if you're designing fashion or jewellery. But the principles are all the same, and I can not see how you can not go wrong.

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