Thursday, July 31, 2014

Words to inspire

Sometimes when we work work work, we forget about the simple things. I am so incredibly guilty of this at time, & the last few months I have really been making a conscious effort to slow down a tad. With the kids increasingly busy schedules, & trying to fit in all the hours of work I do, & do the daily mundane necessities, it can get exhausting & time just flies around you. 

Sometimes it can be the smallest of comments from your kids that literally hit you for six & wake you up. This happened the other day to me. I had got home from school & Hudson asked me, "why don't we play & be silly anymore mummy?" I had to ask him to explain. He said when "we get home from school you're always so busy & we don't play anymore, you are either in the kitchen (cooking), or in your work room, sometimes I wish we could just have fun". Ummmmm hello, my heart ripped open & I was so flooded with mummy guilt. After some explaining to him that life has changed now that he is at school, he won't get to be with me everyday with me like he used to. 

He reminded me that our time together is far more limited than it used to be. Generally after school they have activities on, so even though we are together it's not that quality 'together' time. It's so bloody hard!! As much as he was so spot on, I must be clear though, when we are home he is happy & has a million of things to occupy him, including a sister, but obviously more time with me is what he wants. 

After thinking about this I was wondering how to fix it, as I was feeling awful, & yes the mummy guilt was spreading all over me. I have had to keep it simple as I do not have the time to spend hours playing with him, but absolutely we have the time to on the days we come home straight after school to play. Going outside with him to kick the footy, watch him ride his bike, he loves hides & seek around the house (even though he laughs the whole time so there is no challenge), & he is a big fan of lego, & challenging me on mario cart! 

By making these little changes I have noticed he is smiling more than normal! Thank goodness Charlotte is happy to join in as I don't know what I will do when she starts with this!

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