Thursday, July 10, 2014

How I put together my product collections - Step 4

Your collection is really coming together now, congratulations.

You have your ideas, materials, and have your hero piece. It's time to start considering how many additional pieces you would like in your collections. Is it a large collection? Or super tight?

Personally I would keep numbers of pieces in your collection, no higher than 8 pieces and no less than 3. Some of my mini collections only have 3 pieces which is very small and tight, an some have 6 which is as large as I extend my products. But thats OK, there is no correct answer every business is different. Some fashion ranges can have as many as 12 items per collection, it really depends on what you are creating, again there are no set rules.

Looking back at my fashion days, I always started my collection with a print in mind. For example I had a floral print that I knew I wanted to create into a skirt, dress, and; shirt. This opened up additional garment opportunities for a plain casual tea, pants, shirts and light jacket to work back with the prints.

In my Tiges and Weince range I have my main illustration which will be created into a print, cushion, door stop, bunting, clock,  and heat bag. Not necessarily all of those pieces in one mini collection.

I always make sure they flow and can be sold together, as well as individually. Ideally selling more than one piece at a time is the goal. This can take some juggling around, thinking stepping away, and coming back to it with fresh eyes. Each of my pieces are useful for the bedroom and would never really be sitting along side of each other.  As you can see above in my farm mini collection, the cushion would sit on a bed, the door stop at the base of the bedroom door, and the wall clock & print would be hung on different walls.

The way each piece of decor is laid out in a bedroom is only my assumption, and how I personally would want it arranged. I believe when you design a range you must make it very obvious as to how you would want it purchased, this will help customers make choices, and educates them to make the best choices. It's also wonderful when someone buys something from me and uses it completely different, it's wonderful to be taught new arrangements.

This is such a fund and creative stage of this process, one of my favourites, but one I could over analyse so be careful !!

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