Monday, July 28, 2014

A night I will never forget

I have just had a weekend I will never forget. My baby girl did her very first dance cabaret on Saturday night. This was a first for me to as I have never done anything like this myself. I should let you know I never danced when I was younger, only at disco's, at home, with friends at parties, & clubs as I got older. I was very sporty, lots of softball, netball, running & I loved girls cricket. My daughter Charlotte has entered a field so foreign to me, it's almost laughable. Actually my friends who know me well, or who I played those sports with, think its random to.
photo prior to arriving at Saturday nights venue

Anyway a quick background story, I started Charlotte in mummy & me ballet at 2yrs old. At home she always bounced to the music, & there was no much else around for "us" to do together. I couldn't stand Gymbaroo, so this was something we could do together while Hudson was at kinder, she loved it SO much. I eventually pulled her from it to follow her current teacher at the time to start ballet, she was opening her own dance school, & was a professional prima ballerina herself. I must add she was such an adorable person herself. It was such a magical school I adored it, it was very musical theatre based. Can I tell you I ADORE the theatre, & once dreamed of being a costume designer.

Charlotte was quite confident there & she enjoyed it, but a lot of mums still danced with their kids, I had a feeling, call it mothers instinct that she needed to do this alone. So I took her to her now current dance school. I had to stay close to her for a couple of weeks for her to warm up to everyone, & a very new routine, but after that she hasn't looked back. It's great I get to sit & watch her behind a glass wall. She thinks of nothing else but how many times I can take her there in a week, & is always looking up to the older girls.

Some photo's from the night

She has been practising for 6 months for Saturday nights show, she did 6 dances which blew me away. I wasn't sure she would do it, & I felt really nervous for her as she didn't really stop very much, as after each dance there wasn't a huge amount of time to rest. I completely underestimated her & felt a pang of annoyance at myself for thinking it. Charlotte can get stroppy when she is tired & she rehearsed the Friday night before & the Saturday morning. I couldn't get her to nap on Saturday which is why I was worried. But she did it & I couldn't be more proud of her. 

It's been a real learning curve becoming a "dance mum', something I would never have predicted in a million years. I do love it as having a background in fashion I love the costume, hair & make up, I love the creative side of things. The dance side, well I just keep asking questions, thats just me though if I don't get it I ask & ask until I do. I have met some great girls also from students, teachers & mums just like me, but with load more experience. 

It's been such a magical ride & I have enjoyed every moment, there is so much for her to still learn, I forget how tiny she is sometimes, she only turned 4 in May this year. It really feel like she has been doing this forever. I am not sure how long this dancing will last, I will never push her, just encourage her & tap her along, but as long as she is loving it so will I.

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