Thursday, July 24, 2014

How I put together my product collections - Step 6

Yay you have made it to the final step. I am assuming you're feeling proud, excited, pumped and so incredibly eager to share your work with the world.

If you have several collections within your online shop, it would be a great idea to now categorise them into their collections. For example if it's called "summer Lagoon", group it together. I love the brand Mozi, & they do this really well, have a look at how they group their collections together.
It isn't essential to do that if it doesn't work for your brand. I personally just categorise each of my different products together under one shop category within my store. So all of my personalised cushions  are together, door stops, heat bags are together and so on. You can have a look at how they are placed just below.

Although I have categorised them like this, if you look within each area of my products they have been given product name that will automatically identify them as their own mini collections. For example my new Sweet Fawn collection, is called Sweet Fawn personalised cushion, sweet fawn door stop, sweet fawn clock & so on. So they are still together as a mini collection but just separated for cataloging reasons.

It really is important that the consistency previously discussed in the past steps is followed. It's always going to keep your collection tight look and looking sharp in your shop, which is really important when current & new potential customers visit your store. The goal is to make coordinating and shopping as easy as possible.

You have worked really hard on your collection and it's really important that everything looks professional an that customers will take your shop seriously. Be very clear in your product area so customer can easily navigate from item to item, making it clear and simple. that last thing you'd want is confusion, as lets me honest they will leave very quickly.

Putting collections is one of the most exciting things I love to do. It really is like creating a baby, from the initial ideal to growing it carefully with care & attention to detail. Once it's born, enjoy every moment of it, maintain it and proudly show your passion to everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed this series. It's been a thrill writing it.

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