Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feelings of a new pre preppy mummy

Tomorrow I will be the first time mum of a prep. Yep my little man starts primary school, I simply just can not believe it. Up until today I would have considered myself a little nonchalant about it all.

Today however has been a whirl wind of making sure everything was OK, & perfect. School uniforms, lunch boxes, art smocks, library bags, sunscreen, packing the bag, unpacking the bag & it feels like the list goes on. Today was also the first day where I have felt anxious, nervous, excited, & felt sad that I wont be spending week days with him anymore. I don't want to feel sad as this is an amazing & exciting new chapter for not just him but me. New conversations, new activities, reading together, adding & subtracting together, maturity, new expectations & so many new achievements to come our way.

I am not sure how I will feel tomorrow. I am tipping quite emotional on the inside so his little face see's only my confidence & happiness. Thank goodness my hubby will be with me so I can hold his hand, & I will have Charlotte to cuddle & take my emotions out on her.

Tomorrow is so many hours away yet so near, actually I will be in that playground in exactly 12 hours.

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