Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things I am doing this new year ....

With all of the chatter about new year resolutions, I am here to admit I don't do the damn things. I have tried & failed, so the last couple of years I just haven't bothered with them.

This year is a blank slate so I can decide to do it my way!!
Instead of new year resolutions, I want to focus on things that went really well in 2013 in my life, & how I can improve them.  I also want to try & go back to basics a bit & get back to my roots, that being my LOVE for drawing & design & why the hell I started with my business.
The last couple of years I feel like I have not stop pushing & pushing to make it grow & work. It got hard & a little robotic at times.

I have always read happiness & enjoyment manifest success, so in 2014 I am going to let the universe play a little part in my journey

Happiness & Gratitude.

I am a relatively happy person, I can get a little stressed & high strung at times (due to my perfectionism), & I am very grateful for my happy little life. But I would like to be a little happier, & not worry about the little things so much. When those low little grey thoughts creep into my mind, I want to change my mood, I really want to make an effort to shift them. Move them on. Kick them away. Say see you later. This may involve me going outside for a moment & breath some fresh air, get some sun on my face, look in my garden, cuddle my kids or walk puppy.

Turn a negative into a positive.

This relates to all aspects of life. We all have crappy days & all have even crappier little events take place. So when something goes wrong, I really want to see the positive side, you know see the glass more half full than empty. Even laugh about it.

Look for beauty.

Have you ever really sat down & looked around you? There is a lot of beauty from colours, to pattern to touch. This will also help with my inspiration. I admit to not doing it enough, it's time to sit a bit & take a look around.

Check in with my goals.

I get slack here, I have to admit this, I write them down & forget about them. But this year I have completed the amazing 2014 biz workbook by Leonie Dawson, which has been one of the best personal exercises I have ever done. Its not your typical business book, it is so much more. It's almost a declaration of your soul, thoughts, dreams, hopes, loves, hates & everything in between. I have written my dreams from loves to financial goals, in such a beautiful & soft way. It's creative & wonderful & so highly recommended. I have committed to myself to check in monthly & quarterly, & by not doing it will only let myself down. I feel so serious & committed to this process this year as I know it will help me grow & stay on track. Can't wait!!

Improve my running & fitness.

I worked very hard the last few months getting back into running, its be a hard journey, but so god damn rewarding. This year I aim to keep this maintained & even extend. I am aiming to run 8km this May at the annual Susan Mother's Day fun run. I feel scared & pray my knees hold up. To maintain this I have to improve my flexibility. My new goal this year is to limber up. Stretch, stretch & stretch. I am going to incorporate some yoga & Pilates to help. It's going to hurt, but I will so happy to be able to touch my toes without pain.

Be more caring & gentle with myself.

Basically stop pushing myself to my limits. No more burning the candle at both ends. My diet is fine I don't have an issue there, but I need to listen to me a little more. If I am tired go to sleep. It's pretty simple actually, a well slept me, is a happy me.

More Art

Retuning to what I love. I love to draw & create. Love. Love. Love. It makes me so happy. In 2013 I drew so much but it was under a lot of pressure. I was doing art classes plus churning out new designs for my business. Sometimes the pressure gave me a little stage fright, & I just couldn't get what I wanted out. This year I am dedicating a small amount of time several times a week to just draw. Just me, my sketch pad, pencil & eraser. It will be a doodling dream.

Get back to my roots.

Time to check in with why I started my business. Because I love to draw & I also love to inspire. I have a lot of friends & family come to me with ideas & plans & thoughts about things happening in their world. There is always a general consensus, they always tell me I inspire them, help them with ideas & suggestions they have never thought of. these conversations range from colour, to food, to fitness, to the garden & everything in between. I love bouncing ideas with people & brainstorming. With that reminder I am looking forward to infusing my daily life, business & personal with inspiration, which I hope can inspire others.

So there is where I want to go this year, & I look forward to the journey ahead.

Whats your 2014 plans?

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