Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fitness Funk

You know how much I love my fitness?
Well I just seem to be in a crappy fitness funk!!
I just can't get it together. I am not wanting to go on with excuses, as they are not going to solve this hiccup, but I can not seem to get it together. I had a couple of days unwell earlier this month, & then the 5 day heat wave took a lot out of everyone, not just me. I ran a couple of days ago & my knee was hurting. Not the normal knee pain I endured for years before my operation, but my muscles surrounding the area hurt. I am not very flexible & I think the constant running is taking it's toll as muscles can shorten & tighten. I need to work on it desperately. Those nasty negative voices are popping into my head telling me I shouldn't be running, what if you hurt your knee & can't move at all? I have been there before & I am paranoid. So to work on this I did an at home yogalates DVD 2 days ago which was brilliant as it made me stretch & hold poses I am not used to. I felt fantastic. I loved it. However yesterday I ached everywhere, a good ache I guess as it stretched & I used different muscles. My neck was so sore from holding my own bodyweight in those poses, as I was shaking a little when holding them. I think I would have been a scream to watch had anybody been with me.

Anyway today I am feeling better & was going to run on my treadmill which is in my room, not that I am feeling like it it. But there is a body in there that has blonde curls, Mmmmmm a visit at 4am this morning. I don't have the heart to wake her but it's bothering me she is taking my treadmill time away. Grrrr I don't seem to be winning.

I am pretty sure once the kids are back at school & we are all back in a routine I will bounce back, but I don't want to lose my endurance I have built up & am just wondering why my lack of inspiration is hanging around? I need to snap out of this quickly, I hate these blah feelings.

Has anyone else been in a bit of a fitness funk & how did you inspire every inch of you body to bounce back.

Tell me.

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