Saturday, January 25, 2014

I finally bought a direct to garment printer

I have been waiting to release this news for what feels like weeks, which really only been a few days. I feel like I have been a kettle ready to let out steam.

For the last 12 months I have been wanting to buy direct to garment printer so much, but needed to grow my business I felt a little more. I also had doubt & worry about the money side of it as I would have to finance it which is a massive step for me. I stress a lot about having a lack of money, it's just one of those worries for me. The last 12 months I have literally work my batooty of in order to grab this dream. I did it!! 

Early this year I contacted a supplier & went down to his show room to check it all out. I had been researching & reading reviews about it as much as I could alone before I decided to enquire. I also had to make sure it printed all of my current products, because if it didn't do that, well whats the point? I had a page of notes & questions to ask, a bag full of products I currently make, as well as the future cotton I wanted to printed on. My dad came with me to have a sticky nose he says, but I think he wanted to make sure I was not going to be influence into anything I didn't want. Being protective never ends. But once he saw my bags of products & goodies & page of notes I think he felt at ease.

The man who sold me the machine was wonderful. He showed me how it worked from inside to out. What it couldn't do & what it was capable. Here it is.

He printed a sample of my work on to a t-shirt for me, I was very impressed. Please note it was a daggy white large adult tee so looks a bit odd. But it was all about quality & hand feel.

I found myself at one stage day dreaming a bit, as he was telling me about it as my mind was literally racing. The ideas & so much inspiration was churning around inside, I have to admit I felt a little nauseous. I snapped out of it though & asked him to repeat himself hehe!

My excitement s a bit out of control at the moment. I have so many thoughts & opportunities to finally create new products I have always wanted. As my current products are really purely decorative, it is brilliant beyond belief that everything now will be completely machine washable. I am also wanting to tap into many DIY areas & projects. Being able to sell my panels for kits will be a great idea for those who sew well. Last but not least, I am seriously think of some clothing being added to my Tiges and Weince brand.

I am not sure exactly when I get the machine I am assuming later next week & then I will need some training. So I am assuming the first week of Feb I will be able to get some photos of how it looks & so forth & share them. Oh do you think I need to name this machine LOL? Any suggestions?

I'm excited!

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