Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year & a little 2013 reflection.


There has been a bit of a gap from my last blog post......I made a decision mid way through December to have a forced break from blogging. It really bothered me to be honest, but  I was so busy with Christmas orders, busier than I had ever been, my priority was to get everyone of those created & posted. Even my social media interaction took a dive. On the plus side I can not begin to tell you how grateful I was, my hard work during the year was an an incredible pay off.

I too have had a big year. It all began when I sold my party plan business in May 2013. Such a scary decision to do so, as I truly believed in it's potential. But I sold it with confidence in the end to someone who has greater skills than I have in management. I knew it was in good hands, & it certainly has proven so, as it has doubled in size since leaving me. Fantastic.

This left me to concentrate solely on my art, & devote my time to learn. I decided to give myself six months to learn as much as I could, so I can take my business to a new level, & with some new direction in mind. It was almost like it was time to nourish me, I had never ever done that before. I also completed two very intense art courses with Lila Rogers which were so eye opening, hard, a little intimidating, & incredible all rolled together. You can read about my journey here, & there will be loads of links about signing up if you're keen. Be prepared it's not all roses. That was one of the hardest journeys of my life, yet so incredibly rewarding. It has given me some much need art direction, & insight to a tight industry.

I also started running again & completed my very first fun 5km run on December 8th (my birthday), the Susan classic. That achievement was one of my happiest days of my year. I never thought I would do it, especially as I had double knee surgery just over 12 months ago. After achieving this, I just knew that there are more personal goals to come, something I will be writing a lot more about. Truly, it was exhilarating.

Another big surprise during December was how busy my gorgeous kids lives became. I am starting to believe they have a better social life than me!!

Hudson finished kinder this year, I just can't believe it. School next year OMG how did that happen?
He is also really involved in Taekwondo, & loves his Milo Cricket.
For Taekwondo there were gradings to learn & take, which he passed! Then the awards & Xmas party.
Also his important 4 year old kinder graduation & yearly Christmas concert.
Lastly his weekly summer Milo Cricket sessions which he absolutely LOVES!!
Weekly swimming, how could I forget that, but I look at that as a life lesson & compulsory.
Ohh how could I forget his preparations were also underway for his entry into Primary School. Weekly orientation sessions, & parents nights.
So much going on,

Charlotte's passion is dance, & this was a roller coaster ride I never expected. She had been doing it for about a year & a half already, but this June I put her in a proper dance school. Finally I could relieve my duties of mummy & me ballet!! It was a learning curve for me, & something that has made my daughter grow in confidence. On top of her weekly class of jazz ballet, tap & a bit of singing, towards the end of the year I had costumes to bead, a lesson on stage make up, professional studio shots, studio rehearsals, then actual venue rehearsals, & finally the big night, also an awards day. She took it all in with love & enjoyment, & I can't wait to see how she grows with it next year.
She also has her weekly swimming.
But next year starts 3year old kinder. My baby is on her way to becoming a big girl, I simply can not believe it.

Looking back it was an exciting & busy 2013, no regrets, a few extra lessons learnt on time management, & how important it is to look after my own body. 
I have a really great feeling about 2014. What I have learnt during the year I am so anxious & excited about applying to my business. It's going to be so much fun! I am in the middle of planning my business year so I know the path I am taking & so I can forecast & mange what I want to achieve.

I am so excited!!

Happy New Year again, & I hope your goals & path make it an incredible beginning to 2014.

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