Saturday, January 11, 2014

Painting Pots

One thing I love about January it's quiet & I get to finish those tasks I need to to get done around the house. One of those was painting my very boring terracotta pots, eight of them!
I bought them this way always with the intention of painting them.

It took a long time to decide what colour I wanted. As they were to be placed around the pool, I wanted them to coordinate well. My paving is a dark charcoal, & the pool is turquoise, so I went with those two colours.

So the pots looked balanced colour wise I went with the trusty rule of 1/3 one colour 2/3's the other. I am not really sure who made this rule up, but I know it works. Once the the tape was on I started with the turquoise. Charlotte dropped in many a times to help but I had to eventually do it without her, as slops of paint were going on the paving, which kinds stressed me out!

Once I got the grey painted on I was so relieved, as it became quite back breaking work. I didn't have a table strong enough to to put them on so I could paint at a respectable height, so I was bent over quite a bit. However it was so worth it once hubby popped them on the trolley & wheeled them down for me. We took a trip to my favourite nursery Rivers I bought some delicious Geraniums. I was advised they were green, bright, tough, & hard to kill. Perfect!! So in they went & I am so super happy with the end result.

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