Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Updated cushion care instructions

With every cushion purchased customers will always receive a cushion care postcard. It's really important that I give you this information, as I am asked constantly how to care for them. They have been updated since the last instructions I used to provide with my orders, as my cushions have changed ever so slightly.

Gone are my days of hubby & I stuffing these babies in front of the TV. A few months ago I had 2 different sized cushion inserts developed to perfectly to fit my small baby cushion & the large size that I offer. The cushions now close at the back with an envelope style closure. After several trials of adding a bit more fluff, taking some out, shortening, widening, & so forth they are now perfect.
I print on a specialty fabric which is not designed for frequent laundering. It's specifically designed for quilters, hence making my cushions completely and utterly for delightful decorating. In saying that they certainly can be washed in cold water. I always recommend hand washing with a mild gentle detergent. If they were to be washed constantly the colour will ultimately fade a fraction. It's just the nature of the cloth. Please be reassured that to keep your cushions, also buntings & doorstops that I create, are always given a light spray with scotch guard to repel dust & grime.

I make cushions for my kids constantly, as you would imagine, & I have had to wash theirs a few time & they always come up fine. Both of the kids first cushions were the small designs that I have just left on their beds as decorations. They understand thats what they are there for, & I can assure you they still look just as great as when I first made them.

I offer these instruction as guidelines to keep your products looking their best for longer. When you buy something special for our child, I understand that you want everything looking spectacular for as long as possible.

Enjoy...Kylie x

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