Sunday, July 8, 2012

New colour palette

It feels like this has been one of the longest weeks of my life. I think I officially have cabin fever. Both kids have been sick, & hubby has man flu eek! I don't feel too bad, I think I could potentially have a cold, but I am so busy I just keep pushing it to the side. I'll be very happy if it keeps playing dormant & doesn't rear that ugly lurgy head.

Today was a productive day work wise for me. Both the kids & hubby were on the couch watching movies most of the day. I encouraged lots of rest, as I don't think I could bear another week home.

While they lay I planned, planned and planned. I love planning!! I find it quite elating, the feeling of getting organised is quite cleansing. Especially for me as my life always feels so turbulent.

At the moment I am planning the design and development for my Quirky and Quaint business. The collection is a combination of Tiges and Weince products, & other amazing brands. 

My next catalogue is due out in September & I have so much to complete by the end of the month. 

This afternoon I focused on my colour palette for the season. This is such a HUGE part of developing a cohesive range. I has taken me a while picking an choosing, as it's vital to keep best selling colours, but even more important to add injections to new season colours.

With summer coming I had to make sure the colours were clean and bright, which is my style and what I love anyway. I love creating palettes it's something I could play around with all day. This is a snap shot from my computer. I know when my colours are what I want as I look with ease and my yes move from one colour to another with stopping.  It just flows....sounds odd but very true!

If you like what you're seeing you can be guaranteed these lovelies will pop up soon in my Tiges shop.

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