Friday, July 6, 2012

New knowledge = excitement

It's been ages since I have blogged, a month actually.....terrible.

Lately I have been so busy. Between the kids, and growing demands of my other business Quirky and Quaint, I don't know actually if I am Arthur or Martha. Life is like a washing machine, wishing and washing from one responsibility to the other. From the kids, to maintaining the house, to cooking, to operating Quirking and Quaint, and then knowing desperately I need to start completing the half finished designs for my other baby Tiges and Weince. Ahhhhh I get exhausted thinking about it.

Amongst all of this business, I am still an addict for knowledge. I love to follow those who I know I can learn from. Even though I am not at traditional 'school' anymore so to speak, I still consider myself a student, learning as I go, making mistakes, and thriving with other great decisions.

Can I tell you a secret.....I  love an e-book. Learning and absorbing in my own time is thrilling, and so empowering.

An artist that I TRULY admire is Kelly Rae Roberts
Beside her beautiful work, her success over the last few years has blown me away. I have been secret admirer so to speak, watching, looking and reading from a far. She has some amazing e-books and I have finally purchased the one I have had my eye on for a while - The whole shabang.

She is teaches a lot of subjects that I am very interested in like marketing strategies, your goals, teaching opportunities, licensing deals and scanning and printing techniques. It seems to cater to me perfectly right now. There is so much to learn it makes my mind buzz with excitement. This is definitely the perfect tool for me at the moment to sit back and think about where I want to head, how to get there, and the best part being taught some proven skills. Saves time in my eyes.

I look forward to sharing some more about how I am enjoying the over 200 page e-book with you all. I have reached page 45 and so far it's amazing. I love how Kelly is so passionate about following your heart and listening to those internal nudges and emotions you feel when something excites you. She believes you can do anything your heart desires, which is news to my ears as I feel like I am just beginning.

There is a whole lot of love over at Kelly's site, whether her art style is for you or not, her business management, strategies and knowledge can be adapted to any creative business.

I apologise for my absence, but after reading some helpful hints about blogging via Kelly's e-book, I look forward to developing redeveloping my style a bit, and just writing from the heart, what inspires me, and most importantly enjoying it a whole lot more. I love blogging, and hate that my posts have kind of dropped off a bit, so I am picking myself up, dusting off, and I'm going to soldier on.
have a great weekend,
Kylie xx

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