Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A milestone day...

A super exciting day today. After a week an a half we left the house. These colds have been shared far too much amongst our family & I am happy to say I think it's moving on.

I wanted to go out today, & had planned on going to the park, but then the clouds started rolling in & looking very grey, so spontaneously I booked 4 movie tickets online, to go & see Ice Age.

This was a milestone today as it was Charlotte's first movie. I was quite apprehensive about taking her, she is only 2yrs, & she can be a little challenging at times. I had my mum with me, so I know if I had to escape, Hudson would be cared for inside.

She was in awe of the screen, she was like a deer in head lights, just wide eyed and staring at the wide screen. Bigger than she has ever seen before. She actually was quite well behaved. became quite restless at times as she had to check out the chairs, lift her booster seat, then sit on my lap, then nanna's lap & it happened all over again. However she wasn't disruptive which is what I was more worried about. She cuddled up when it got to loud, but didn't whimper or carry on.

I feel like we are heading in the direction f new adventures. My baby is big enough for the movies OMG!! I am actually really excited as I love the cinema & so does Hudson, so it looks like there will be plenty of movies dates for the 3 of us in the future....

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