Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday - Flemington Market

It's Monday already where does the time go? How was your weekend? Mine was lovely and it was nice to get back into routine after the School holidays & everyone being unwell. Even though I have now picked up their bug!

On Sunday we were supposed to visit Healsville Sanctuary but we didn't make it. Coming down with the kids cold made me want to pop out an enjoy the beautiful winter sunshine, but not as an all day event. I just wasn't feeling up to it. Instead we headed down to Flemington market. Beside a great way to check out whats new in the world of handmade, and gourmet food, you can always guarantee fun for the kids. Which was my intention to give them a few hours of fun. So here are a few snaps shots of the kids time.

A very cool little train ride for the kids where they are pulled all over the grass. The driver was fabulous, he drove around in large circles, there was lots of zig zagging, and turning in lots of new directions. You could hear him a mile away getting the kids to scream out "All aboard"!! A bit of a thrill for my two.

A spot of painting for both of them. This was fabulous. I don't pull the paint out as often as I should at home, purely for the fact it takes forever to set up, for 20 minutes of activity. Drives me nuts quietly. Which is why this was great, they got to choose a design, sit down, pop on their apron and it was all ready to go. And I didn't have to clean up!! I am not sure if there was a timer on this activity but Hudson took forever painting his dragon. He reminds me of me, making sure it looks right, then tweaking here, and adding there!

Miss Charlotte....Surprise surprise she picked a dog. Oh my little animal lover. We didn't get much in the lines, not that I was expecting it. She certainly did enjoy splashing her brush around in the water, then swishing it around the paint pots. By the end of it her colours were quite mixed together.

The balloon artists, my kids love this stuff and always watch with anticipation. The guy creating them was quite good, a bit of a clown himself entertaining the kids.

Animal farm.....True to her nature in went Charlotte getting up an personal with all of them. Hudson didn't go in, he is so much like me with animals, happy to look from a far. Not Miss C, she pats them, waves to them, tries talking to them. I think I could leave her in there all day.

Stroking the guinea pigs. It's amazing how gentle she is, I always get a little worried when her time is up as she becomes quite attached. This little guy here was called Vegemite! What an Aussie name.

What a great few hours it was. It was also great to catch up with a few stall holders that I knew. The market didn't feel as busy as usual which was a shame, which I am sure is a winter things. There are stall holders there that I have recognised from years ago and it's still lovely that business must be treating them so well.

I hope you had a great Sunday or weekend for that fact, what did you get up to?

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