Tuesday, July 31, 2012

going design mad....

I have has a real obsession lately with my boys designs. A flood of designs flowing through my mind which started off as scratchy words on paper. I think I get a little over obsessed at times, as all I hear is time and time again, "THERE IS NOTHING FOR BOYS". Having a son myself, I understand but I also believe there is plenty out there for them, its just that there is a tonne of stuff for girls. So it drives me to create for all the little men out there.

After emptying my brain of inspiration, with lots of scratchy notes, I start to think about how I would like each design to look, jotting more notes down. With these initial thoughts I do lots of web surfing for inspiration, & I always go through the kids books to see if anything grabs my eye, in regards to themes. There are always lots of sticky notes with more notes. It's really important for me to do this initially as it has me thinking how I can adapt my inspiration into my own style.

image - Tiges and Weince

One of my new designs is the solar system. I wanted all of the planets drawn clearly, and to fit all on a cushion, making them clear, concise and bright. is it OK to admit my first draft I had some of the planets in the wrong order!! Thank goodness for google. 

I have started creating coordinating prints for all of my cushion designs. Some are going to be a typography style, some not. I am really loving myself a bit of typography, but my goal is to make them brighter, more colourful, more designed than just words. That's just how I am feeling, the prints need to be full of life and coordinating with the cushion. Not copying it, but becoming a version of it, belonging to another item. 

I took a lot of photos over the weekend so you could be expecting some more designs loaded very soon. My note pad is a little hints of some of the things to come :)

Kylie xx

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