Monday, July 16, 2012

Computer dependancy....and near melt down

I recently just bought a lovely Mac computer in March this year, it's such a sleek sexy looking machine I love it. My whole life is wrapped up completely reliant on technology. My whole business is computer based and orientated from the illustrations I produce to the websites I load my products onto.

I dont have any pretty pictures to load today, which is very frustrating as I have just completed lots of new work on Saturday. Instead I am having major computer problems. For some reason this sleek machine that I own has decided to play up & not operate properly.

Quite a lot of Saturday & yesterday morning it kept running very slowly. I did the obvious thing & cleaned out my trash, deleted unwanted emails & even pulled photos from my system, over a 1000 to be more specific. But my machine is still saying I dont have enough start up disc space on my computer. I can't load illustrator which means I cant print, or work which is causing me almost melt down.

I have to wait until 9am this morning before I can contact Apple care & I am praying to the heavens they can help me. Yesterday I will be honest there were genuine tears of frustration and worry as I have some very important deadlines to meet. I just feel so hopeless, helpless, and useless. It's also very embarrassing the my whole work life stops....completely....because of technology. You try and believe you are not reliant on technology, but when things like this happens it's such a reality check as to how much we are. Ahhhh this is killing me this & I am so tense because of it.

Don't computers play these games at the worst time?

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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