Saturday, July 21, 2012

Update on my e-course

About two weeks ago I mentioned that I was feeling a little ho-hum with daily life, being so busy, and some product deadlines that have been very time consuming. Just to add to it I decided to take on a new e-course. I thrive on new knowledge, and it's a guaranteed way of popping some new fire in my belly.

The e-course I am doing is a PDF download, called "the whole shabang" by Kelly Rae Roberts. A fantastic mixed media artist who I admire from a far (she's in USA). She has had an incredible amount of business success & I know I can definitely learn something from her, well a lot actually.

I am about a third of the way through it & I can genuinely say she has definitely stuck some cords with me. I just LOVE how her whole business is so connected with herself. Just her, and nobody else. Her passions, and her loves. To me that shows so much strength, confidence, and bravery, to just create and make from your heart. She expressed her initial worries at the beginning of her artistic career, and how she has overcome those with trial and error. Learning to create what you know and love best, and the rest will follow.

I feel a connection with her as I am going through the same motions at the moment. Worried about what will sell what won't sell. Will people like it? How will I grow my business to the next level? I mean lets face it not everyone will like my work, and what my work is about. But thats the journey of learning to be true to yourself, she speaks so, so, so frequently about. 

Her belief of just being YOU seems so simple, yet so scary, also a journey I feel would be lovely to travel right now amongst the super busy world I currently am in. it' almost calming in a strange way.

However in saying that I think it's time I start listening to my true design loves, not that I don't by any means now, but inspire myself in another way, by following what makes my heart flutter. Sometimes I think of something that is magical to me, and then that voice in my head says, but will it sell?? Popping that element of doubt right back where it seems to want to belong. I am really wanting to try some new styles, incorporating some figures (people) into my work, but I am just sill trying to perfect everything. I also have a habit of putting a lot of pressure on myself, which is not a great thing to do, as it causes procrastination for me. 

It all sounds a little corny but it's like I just get, everything she says. It's really lovely to read the words of someone else and it almost feeling like they're talking to you. I find myself sitting and nodding with that  ah ha moment!

In saying that I suppose I better start putting all of this new found knowledge & ideas down on paper & start something new....Wish me luck and I look forward to sharing more of this fabulous e-book and it's impact on me.

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