Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New artwork...perfect for the play room

 I have been creating lots of new work lately & look forward to sharing everything with you bit by bit.

As well as cushions which are being printed as made as I type :) I wanted to create some new updated prints. Inspired by wanting to brighten up my kids playrooms I wanted to design unisex designs that will fit in absolutely anywhere. being such a sucker for colour, spots, stripes and everything in between I knew of course they bolder the better.

Sing a rainbow...Oh my goodness I love this song and have been wanting to pop it on paper for ages. I had it exactly in my head how I wanted to draw it. All of the colours of the rainbow, and different tones of each colour saying the word. The text of the song had to be soft and floaty. I am really looking forward to hanging this so my kids can see it, make a connection with the colours as well as the words. Lastly & the best bit then we can sing together.

ABC....A classic goodie which is so important. I am hoping here with the letters visible to see day in day out, it will resonate with my kids. It's such a fun way to learn the alphabet too. Below is a unsex colour combination, however I have created a more 'girly' colour combination which you can see online.

 Reading is cool....A new version of a reading print. I am such a huge book fan I just had to create it. I was desperate to create an apple and bookworm in this design. It kind made me giggle just creating it.

I just love creating new work and have so much more to show, and would love to know what you think. It was just a quick update to let you know where I am at. Stay tuned for some more :)

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