Monday, October 4, 2010

R.I.Peas Buzz and Woody

So it's been a few of days since my last blog, geez sounds like a confession.
The whole house has been out of sorts, a few sniffles, places to be, things to do, and just things out of my control that only kids can create.

So.... I thought I would return with a post about something that I found quite amusing tonight at dinner. Hudson is a terror lately with food. He is far too opinionated about what he likes to eat and what he doesn't like to eat, apparently the norm for this age!!

Tonight was full of no, no, no. I mean he eats corn on the cob like it's going out of fashion, but won't eat it just as corn kernels. Go figure? He always has his Buzz and Woody figurines with him, and tonight was no exception. After he ate his grilled cheesy chicken strips, and a couple of bites of broccoli, he decided it was time to have some fun with peas and corn.
It was time for Buzz and Woody to be injured, yep I am talking death by vegetables.

When he got down from the dinner table, I came to find poor Buzz and Woody buried under broccoli. The way they were laying had me in stitches. Very strategic.
Once I cleared the broccoli, poor buzz had already been tortured with some peas and corn kernels stuffed into his space helmet.

Serious stuff.


another donkey design by kate said...

Too cute. And I love the way you made the pics polaroids.

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