Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love cake

It was my mum's 60th birthday last night.
I hosted it at my house for her, with family and all of her closest friends.
It was a long day of preparation, and the night itself was long, but I had a great night.

One thing I love about birthdays, is birthday cake.
I just love lighting a candle and singing that special song, it puts a big smile on my face.
I used to love it as a kid, especially when I was allowed to hold the BIG knife to cut it,
I dare not touch the bottom, or I would have to kiss the nearest boy!!
Not that any of that behaviour went on, but it's a fun memory.

As part of my mums birthday present I splurged on a birthday cake for her.
It wasn't cheap but MMMMMMMM was it worth it.
It was so much fun designing it with the cake decorator.
I wanted,
pretty flowers,
the colour pink,
mud cake, but it had to be a light texture,
and definitely,lots of chocolate.

We came up with, a white and milk choc marlble mud cake.
Marbled chocolate panels around the cake edges, they were white and strawberry pink.
The icing and piping was a delicious butter cream.
The flowers, yes, are fake but were so beautiful. I opted for those instead of fresh so she could keep them. I just need to find a nice bowl to organise them in as a display.

Here is the result.

It tasted absolutely AMAZING
I was so happy with it, as was mum.

I will admit to being naughty today and having another rather large piece with a coffee!!

Do you have a memory of a very special birthday cake?

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JANE said...

You're a lovely daughter, Kylie! Bravo you. I had a giggle - for some reason, growing up it was always 'Don't touch the bottom or you'll have green babies!'. No idea why. It still makes me laugh, though. J x