Monday, October 11, 2010

Charlotte's Christening

I had Charlotte's christening on Sunday, the sun was out, it was warm, everything was perfect.
The day was an early beginning, getting the guest of honour dressed and looking beautiful.
Lots of bibs handy for little milky mishaps down the front of her dress.
We were at the church by 10am for a lovely service, followed by the blessings, and afterwards off to our venue for lunch and drinks. It was a casual afternoon at a friends tiny quaint pub in Northcote (Melbourne), we had the whole premise to ourselves.
It was filled with friends and family and a whole bunch of gorgeous kids.
Charlotte was absolutely perfect all day. I am not exaggerating, she truly was.
Not a scream or a tear in sight all day. She was handed from one person to another for photo's, and every time she woke up from a nap, she was looking at a new face, nothing bothered her.

My little angel.

Hudson my other blessing, had a wonderful day as well.
I will admit he was a bit on the feral side as he didn't sleep a wink Saturday night which made him Mr. Cranky pants, so Daniel & I decided to let him go for the day.
We choose our battle, and it was to just let him be as he was so tired, as he would rebel everything we would say. You can't compromised with a Mr. No No No!!!
So he ran wild with the other 15 kids and pretty much didn't stop.
Getting him to bed last nigh was a challenge, so over tired and wound up.

Here are some photo's of the day.

I felt so lucky to be amongst so many amazing people that I care for and who are all part of my family's life.


melissa said...

Thank you both for a lovely afternoon!! The pics are great! Cakes look yummo ;) x

JANE said...

Just lovely, Kylie - thanks for sharing. How fabulous that Charlotte behaved so well! J x